Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inspired By: FP January 2011

My inspiration for this post comes from the beauteous FP January 2011 catalog. When I received it in the mail today I a) cried joyful tears even before I opened it and b) wept while skimming the pages and studying each look. This catalog justified my obsession with FP all the more and made me cry. I like happy tears, they remind me that I do in fact have a soul. Because, if you know me, I never cry at sad movies. I'm soul-less.

I also bought this to die for Free People sweater today. Ok, you got me. It's my mom's and she bought it. But, I will soon steal it and when the time comes, snatch it and run away with it to college. Mom, I'm going to show you this post later and when you see it just know I'm kidding. Kind of.
It's harem pant and turband time. I just wish I had those lace harems...

Special thanks to the Man Repeller for helping me make this fancy turband.

Maxi dressin' it with a cropped layer on top. OH and a kewl scarf.

plaid and flowers. no need to convince me more. (plaid and floral-kinda mah thing)

...and just some more inspiration.

Sidenote: why does my fridge slash home condone the eating of reese's? I'm getting fat here.


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