Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspired By: Just Another Day

I love delayed openings when it snows. However, if there's one thing I don't love, it's not being aware of a delayed opening. And today would not be the first time that has happened to me. Tuesday my school had a delayed opening as well. I woke up normal time, brushed mah teeth, and washed mah face. Now, if you are human you know those tasks instantly wake an individual up. Once you brush your teeth, there's just no turning back.

Anyway, my Mom posted a note on her door saying I had a delayed opening. Oh? Long story short, I didn't see that note. So I had woken up 3 hours before I needed to be in school. I normally get ready for school in 15 minutes, so this was just too long.

Fast forward to today, Friday the 21st. I woke up normal time and there were no notes to be found anywhere. Ok, "normal time it is" I giggled to myself. On the contrary, Amanda gurl, "you have a delayed opening" says Daddy. Thanks.

Rather pointless story, hope you enjoyed it. Here's mah delayed opening day outfit: I am putting my mother's Free People sweater to good use, that baby ain't going back in her closet. GAP jean jacket, you so sexy.

Curtsyin', just how I roll.

Thanks photobooth for making my necklace backwards. That's an "a", peepz, for "Amanda". Brings me back to my Tiffany and Co. Bat Mitzvah present days, memories memories.


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