Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspired By: Macy*s NYC

Today my marketing class went on a field trip to Macy's in NYC, the original, duh. This is basically what I wore. Man repeller kudos to me for mixing patterns? (I'm slightly obsessed with man repelling these days, thanks Man Repeller).

I've decided to spruce up this blog a tad, I never really post pictures of myself so I think it's time. Ya never know, this may evolve into a blog about the daily outfits I wear to school, or not. Probably not.

1) Excuse the grossness, I have yet to clean myself after track practice today. For anyone who did that hills workout, you know how gross that is of me and I'm sorry. But tomorrow is a snow day so I'm living a little.

2) Pardon the sleeping bag and navigator. The sleeping bag is me being lazy from when my friend slept over last weekend. Yeah I make my friends sleep in sleeping bags. Hey, it's better than when I made my best friend sleep on my floor with just a blanket. Sorry, Melissa. And as for the navigator, my car tried to kill me today. Nbd. So i decided to bring the nav inside, where it will be safe. Goodnight.

Basically the complete look, except for the shoes. Ever feel like going sans shoes? I do. This was just one of those times...oh and I'm in my room recreating my outfit.
Ya know, just me. Thumbs up for my chunky, comfy scarf.

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