Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspired By: Pre-Meet

Tomorrow is a very important track meet for the varsity athletes of Demarest Winter Track. In an effort to keep the day-before-meet-workout subtle and not-too-tiring, our coaches give us the gift of a "pre-meet". What this means to those of you who aren't familiar with track lingo, and that's kewl, is that we do not go hard. Instead, we take it easy. Pre-meet? After today I shall change that and call it the-meet.

But, alas, enter Coach "trainer" Wood, today we shall kill the little track athletes in a sweltering cafeteria with few windows and very little circulation. Fine, all is well. Until we poor sweating track athletes think the workout has ended. Let's now play a little game I like to call "hit it". (You are about to rethink your idea of hittin' it). This game of "hit it" involves high-knees and push-ups every five seconds. Painful? Certainly.

After this and a hurdle workout, I must now carry my hurdle along with my fellow hurdle friend. This task takes years I tell you. Looong story short (not really that short since I have come to the end of my long and rather pointless story), due to the push-ups mixed with my lack-there-of upper body strength and the carrying of a hurdle, I now have no feeling in my arms. Simple tasks like shampooing my hair were even difficult tonight. My arms cannot carry their own weight, shame shame.

There is no moral to this story, besides track kills. And a "pre-meet" is never as easy as it seems.

Now, since this blog is what I like to call a fashion blog, I will now direct you to my friends at whowhatwear. My friends are now your friends. Enjoy their clever genius, and the kewl new spring/sprang fads.


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