Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspired By: Cupcakes

The school newspaper come out on Monday, and unbeknownst to me, it was coming. Anyway, if I had known perhaps I would have worn a fancy ballgown to school to ya know, look the part. But instead I wore boyfriend jeans and an eyelet blouse. Cute, right? Yeah, well not to some.

A friend of mine told me I should have dressed more elegantly. My rebuttal? Show up to school the next day in a dress. HA. But this dress hardly even looks like a dress because I threw on a Michael Kors sweater over it. Gosh kid, if only you truly understood fashion, then you'd understand my Urban Renewal dress is making its own statement paired with an oversized sweater and a safari vest.

Today two track friends and I went to get cupcakes. I am so indecisive so we wound up staying there pondering our cupcake options for a good 20 minutes. I finally made the possible, ok so I'm leaning towards this cupcake, but maybe not decision to go with the green tea cupcake. "NO, I won't allow it" says fancy lady working behind the cupcake counter. Ok, fine I shall feast on a cookie dough cupcake with fudge (she lied, it was actually just chocolate icing) filling inside and a nice decorative cookie on top. Livin' the life.

Ecote Safari Vest from Urban Outfitters, a fancy view from behind. I'm also sporting kewl sweater tights and my desert boots. Ever notice the difference between desert and dessert? It's a good thing I'm not wearing dessert boots because then they'd be edible...


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