Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inspired By: Frye

It always works out when you go shopping for one thing, you wind up buying something completely different. My point? I bought new shoes today when I set out for bedding for college. Yay for me because I found a comforter but shoes did not fit in that equation.

This situation sucked for my mom because she told me I wasn't allowed to shop today. LOLZ. I bought shoes. But obviously, it rocked for me. Sorry, mommy, I love you and your new Kate Spade flats.

Here I am clad in an entire Free People ensemble, duh. (Reference to my newspaper interview) I'm a clever one. Yay Free Peepz and yay FRYE.

This blog forces me to position my body in ways it wasn't meant to. Notice my discomfort in my hand area, no arm should bend that way. Anyway, the point of this picture is the lace detailing on the back of my Free People shirt. I wore this shirt in my Senior picture for high school, yay.

New Frye shoes. Obsession. I haven't taken them off since I got home...that can't be healthy. Oh well, they're my new companion, or my feet's new companion. Either way, we're in love. Sidenote: I should probably paint my toes soon.

THUMBS UP for new shoes and a wootwoot.


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