Monday, February 14, 2011

Inspired By: High school Newspapers

An issue of my high school newspaper came out today. For those of you who didn't throw it out immediately after receiving it would notice yours truly on page 5, in the Arts section! Not trying to toot toot at the old horn, but I got best dressed in this issue, toot. Anyway, here are the answers to my article questions. (Also, notice my outfit..yup I was rockin' my University of Maryland tootin' scarf and ensemble). This red scarf is also a tad ironic due to what today is: Valentine's Day aka worst holiday ever if you don't have a boyfriend. But I do have a mommy who buys me a pound of candy hearts, the best candy on earth only around once a year, so sad.

My lady valentine, or also known as my valentine friend, and I exchanged gifts this year. On the one hand to lessen the depression of being boyfriend-less but also because her sister thinks we're in love. and when I say love I mean legit luv. Perhaps she thinks this because my lady valentine Alex and I send each other kissy face emoticons when we say goodbye. Whatever the reason, she was da best valentine friend eva. We exchanged candy and cards, the best c words there are. She also surprised me with my favorite coffee, one in which she memorized because I forced her to buy me one after she dared me to do something no one thought I'd do. That's the great thing about me-I don't back down. That's why in middle school there was a day devoted to me during lunch time called "Amanda Dare Day". I did it all, danced on tables. Kidding but I did humiliate myself in front of some 8th graders, oh shit, tragic. Yay life. Peace luv amanda dare day.

Interviewer (to be referred to as I): What is your favorite store and why?

Pretty Bird (to be referred to as PB, yup, I'm a pretty bird): Free people, duh. Can’t you tell from my Free People overload everyday? And basically because everything from Free People is so unique and flattering. I also enjoy the occasional shop in my grandma’s closet.

I: What would you wear if you had unlimited funds and could buy anything from any store?

PB: If I had unlimited funds I’d probably clad myself in all things Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Valentino, Chloé, Prada, Miu Miu, Elizabeth & James, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler. But let’s be real here, so I’ll gladly stick to my Free People and Urban Outfitters roots.

I: What is your favorite accessory?

PB: I’m a hat person. I love beanies and fedoras. Mainly because they’re oh so trendy, and partly because they do a fabulous job of hiding bad hair days.

I: What are your favorite brands and designers?

PB: Free People! And then there’s J. Crew, BDG, Kimchi Blue, Ecote and I really love vintage pieces, which I normally find in my grandma’s closet.

I: How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?

PB: Around 15-20 minutes. It helps that I pick my outfit out the night before, so all I have to do is wake up to my alarm clock, press snooze a few times, brush my teeth, get dressed and run out the door.

I: What was the boldest article of clothing you have ever worn?

PB: Overalls. You say country freak, I say country chic.

I: What article of clothing or accessory would you never wear and why?

PB: I would never wear a tutu. They remind me of my childhood ballet days. But I’m not one to judge, so if you can rock it, rock that tutu girlfriend.

I: What is your favorite style?

PB: My favorite style is definitely man-repelling. What is man-repelling, you ask? Man-Repelling (noun): outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls, shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs. -man repeller

I: What celebrity or fashion icon would you compare yourself too?

PB: I’d love to say the Olsens, but since my mom isn’t a fan, I won’t. So I’d have to go with Sienna Miller or Diane Kruger. I am obsessed with their style and they are just flawless.

I: What is your favorite article of clothing?

PB: I’m a combat boot kind of girl. Most people think they are a bit too intense and heavy, but I think they’re awesome. Mainly because I like adding an edge to my outfits, and partly because I’m a victim of the man-repeller epidemic.

I: What is something you hope never comes back into style?

PB: Argyle sweater vests, need I say more?

I: What is something you hope comes back into style?

PB: Most blasts from the past have already reincarnated themselves. But I’d like to see more of the shoulder pad look. Football, anyone?

I: Do you have fashion advice for Northern Valley?

PB: Ditch the UGGS, please, and cop yourself a sweet pair of Doc Martens.


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