Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspired By: Levi's

Check out my funky red scarf. There are two reasons for me wearing this scarf today. 1) It's a swell and comfy scarf and 2) It's red, and I have just been accepted to the University of Maryland!!!!! Go terps. Sorry to toot my own horn, but toot Maryland toot.

Anyway, to celebrate I decided to go all out and wear tights to school today. Tights with Levi's jean shorts, yup fancy. Levi's are the ultimate shit and I could live in them. End of story. Anyway, this was just a pointless post with some photos of my kewwwwl outfits. Enjoy. Oh and my shirt here is from Urban, on sale yo. And my scarf is vintage, yeah baby.

And here I am again in a new outfit...
Blazer: J. Crew, Shirt: Free People, Shorts: Levi's, Shoes: (not pictured) Kick Ass Desert Boots
Just a little sneak peak at the back.


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