Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspired By: Bowling

If you know me you obviously know that I am obsessed with my family and talk about them all the time. True Life: Meryl and Dennis are my best friends. You will also know that a) my mom has da kewlest clothes b) my dad is a professional bowler. He's great, he has a ring and everything. Very bowling alley legit.

Anyway, I like that Dennis is a professional bowler because I feel like my dad is a professional athlete, one of those kewl ones who gets interviewed all the time and has groupies. While he doesn't get interviewed all the time, he does have groupies, many of them, my friends. Dennis is a hero to all of my friends, and he has a plaque with his name on it and everything in the bowling alley. I suck at bowling. Den tried to teach me once but gave up because I insisted on using a 6 pound ball. Apparently the 6 pound ball is for children.

You may be wondering why I'm telling you about my bowler dad and his groupies. I'm telling you because my new shoes remind me of my father's hobby, bowling. You may remember me telling you about them in my Urban post a few days ago. And perhaps you remember me telling you I will be the fine owner of them soon. Well that soon time came and went and now they reside in my closet. So, now, I am ready to hit the bowling alley with my new bowling brogues. No need for smelly used bowling shoes. Go me. Even if I do still need to bowl with the bumpers up...
Sweater: Ecote, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Cooperative (all from Urban! woo I'm loyal)

I am now ready to take flight, I can fly away. Get it? My sleeves kinda look like wings. After all, I am a pretty bird on a breeze.

See that fancy ribbon on the top of my sweater? That's not a fashion statement, people, that's just an easy way to hang up your clothes. Sometimes hangers are to small. The solution? Ribbons! Even if you can't see my ribbon in this picture, since it's such high quality photobooth photography, you should know what I'm talking about. If not, you need to get out more, friends.

I recently tweeted a picture of my fancy new shoes and my friend responded to my tweet: "Are those bowling shoes?" Job well done, to me.
Wondering why I have a band-aid on my little finger? I cut my finger on a hurdle while adjusting the height. I'm band-aid chic now, whatever.


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