Friday, April 1, 2011

Inspired By: Rainy Friday

Hello, lovely followers. And of course by now you know by that I mean the Davis sisters, Molly, and anyone who reads my facebook statuses threatening their lives if they do not in fact read my new post, bitches.

And now to quote my favorite movie The Parent Trap..."We're expecting a bit of rain today, but Mildred, would you hold on a moment?" (Rain-->Rainboots-->Happiness)

So anyway, enjoy this picture of me frolicking in my front yard during lunch. I came home from school just to take pictures for this blog. Dedication? I think so. Also enjoy my douche bag umbrella. He is from when I was five years old. It says my name on it in fancy letters with the dots on the end. Know what I mean? If you had a childhood you'd understand. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Anyone else have "Friday" by Rebecca Black stuck in their head right now? It's Friday. I shall forever sing that song on every Friday.
T-shirt: BDG, Sweater: Mom's Closet, Fur Vest: Romeo and Juliet Couture, Leggings: American Apparel, Boots and Welly Socks: Hunter, Bow: American Apparel

Cheetah accents on my Hunters, obviously. A little background about these boots: getting them drove me and my entire family CRAZY. Literally, put us in therapy. KIDDING! But seriously, stressful, peepz. I got them for my birthday and then returned them to be nice to my mom because we found them for a more pleasant price. Then they were the wrong version of the boot. Damn the man who sold me them. Then i called a different store and begged the man for NON GLOSSY BLACK HUNTERS SIZE 8.

"Yes mam, not glossy" he assured me. REPEAT AFTER ME, NOT GLOSSY. "Yes mam, black size 8 not glossy, I hear you loud and clear." So, I sent my professional bowling dad on a nice errand on his way to his bowling league to pick up my new not glossy Hunter boots. Oh silly salesman who took an oath promising my Hunters would not be glossy, you're a big fat liar. They were glossy. So I called back and was assured that they did indeed have the right shoe at the store.

So I went that night to retrieve my not glossy boots. Yay! Perfect. Oh wait, Jimmy, these are a size NINE. Men's size EIGHT. Dammit. Fooled again. Back to square one. I had to order them and have them shipped to my casa. Drama drama drama. But now they are mine, woo.

Just thought you'd enjoy a nice close-up of my sweater vest, ha, sweater vest. More like fluffy sweater vest! Faux fur be where it's at peepz! And there's a sweater lining on my fur vest, hence sweater vest. Funny funny funny.

...and introducing to you my fancy red for Maryland bow! I'm so Maryland legit. I only buy red things now. Oh, except the new pair of blue socks I ordered from Urban, they have elephants on them.


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