Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspired By: An Unburried Treasure

I miss you. Do you miss me? If so, and the answer better be yes, then here's a reminder of my face. Here I am sporting a very new staple in my wardrobe: the baby headband. Quite the lady bowner, right Man Repeller? Just quoted ya. Trendy, huh? I was quite the trendy five-year-old when I actually wore this. My mom just told me I had a matching leggings and shirt set. Wow, trendalicious.

Anyway, I'm cleaning my room (it's quite the disaster) as I pass my time until I can successfully watch the Bachelorette with NO commercial interruptions! I know, I'm smart. I'd like to give my self credit, but I shall give credit where credit is due: so thank you, DVR.

I completely intend on wearing this headband everywhere now...


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