Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspired By: Graduation (the real thing)

I just graduated. Shit, what do I do now? Kidding, I'm off to college. Anyway, here I am before the ceremony that did not get rained out, I know, crazy.

Please excuse the gross sticker remnants on my door behind me. I shall tell you why it is the hot mess that it is. When I was younger I used to take stickers from the dentist's office. As soon as I would get home I would stick them all over my door, inside and outside. When i grew up, kidding, when my parents forced me to take them off, I did. However, the residue ain't so great.

Whatever, life rocks. I just graduated.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Nine West, Cap: Who Knows, Who Cares (hehe)

Oh shit. That's a cap. On my small head. My head is probably the size of an infants. So small, in fact, that when I was younger my doctor cried to my mom saying there was something wrong with me. My mother insisted and finally my doctor understood that I come from a family of small heads. So coma lita comie yourselves, Rachel and Sam.

Confused by that phrase? Perhaps it is Latin? Maybe Yiddush? No, it derives from a language that my childhood friends made up. That phrase is code for "Amanda's head is so small it is going to explode." I cried to my mom after hearing such harsh accusations.

Do you remember when I posted about possible graduation dresses and wedges? Well, like Honest Abe, I told the truth when I said one of those wedges would be the wedge of choice. So here we are.

Drum roll...

I went with the Nine West babies.
Which I just realized you already saw in the first photo from this post. Oh well, excuse my drum roll shenanigans.


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