Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inspired By: Yeshiva Chic

I'm pretty damn Jewish. And I own it. I was president of my Jewish Youth Group. I'm legit. Anyway, Birkenstocks seem like a pretty legit Jewish shoe to me, if you ask the Pretty Bird. No complaints, they're pretty damn comfy.

The real reason I bring this up is because while my montage of photos in this post may seem like the ghost of instagram past to you, to me it is yeshiva chic.

Moving on...a friend of mine has a fabbbbulous website and I wanted to share it with all of you yeshiva chic lady friends of mine. Or male friends, whatever you are.

So, clickkkky clicky, amiga chica bananas! Or shall I say menches. (Sorry the Jew in me just kicked in. Be thankful I didn't call you a kvetch or use the word mashugana.) Well now since it's out there, mashugana mashugana mashugana.

Blog followers, meet my beautiful necklace. Necklace, meet my beautiful followers. This necklace was a graduation gift. Sorry for always mentioning graduation, I'll get over it, soon enough, until the next graduation ceremony of mine.

Pardon me rushing my life away for a moment and just focus on the little star of David. David seems pretty kewl, and I like his star. So, life is good. Baruch atah adonai.

And this is what I like to call yeshiva chic. Although you cannot see my entire body or ensemble, you can get the jist, I would suppose.

I'm pretty freaking practical. I turned my high-waisted skirt into a dress. Free People was extremely impressed. Seriously, they tweeted at me and enjoyed my skill. Believe me.

Note to self: stop using the Lord Kelvin filter on instagram. If all my pictures have the same filter they won't all be "fun and quirky". Bummer.


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