Friday, September 30, 2011

Inspired By: Siblingly Love

Did anyone besides Molly miss me?! Because if you didn't notice, it's been a month since my last post-a-roo and I have returned. College is kicking my ass and the work kind of takes over. But fear not, Pretty Bird won't give up on her bloggy blog. Due to the fact I am so busy and am on my way to a Psych Study in about one minute, I thought it would be nice to say hello to my loyal fan base, Shalom from UMD, and stop by with a quick post. So, here I am, I'm back and I love my brother.

Well that's a weird transition, Pretty Bird, you may be saying to yourself. And to that I respond, I hope you love your brother too! If not, you should. Brothers are cool. So anyyyyway, I saw this picture of Vanessa Hudgens and her little sister frolicking together looking all happy and whatnot and it made me think of my big brother. Sorry to be all sentimental. But, hey, Alex is a cool guy.

Below is a photo of me and my brother. As you can tell, I love him a tiny bit more than he loves me. Kidding! We are the best of friends. I have the fact that we are currently attending the same university to thank for that. You see, my brother is da bomb. He takes me grocery shopping. When I need groceries to eat, duh.

This photo captures quite the moment. I decided to be a wonderful sister and buy him a drank. He requested a bubble tea smoothie, because, ya know, people told him it was yums. Anywho, the important part of this story is we love each other and I purchased it for him, in exchange for a sip. Turns out, the strawberry bubble tea smoothie didn't fit his fancy and I wound up drinking the whole thing, every 15 calorie bubble. Oh well, I'll just spend extra time on the ab machine next time I'm at the gym!

Sidenote: don't ask the worker of a bubble tea place what the bubbles are made out of. She will say: Buuuuuuuubbles. The end.
Gotta go to my psych study...BYE!


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