Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspired By: Fall

HELLLOOOOOOO party people. The air has turned crisp and cold out and I must admit I'm rather excited about it. Fall is my favorite season, because, well, who isn't obsessed with boots and scarves? If you're not, you should be ashamed of yourself. Kidding, to each his own. Anywho, I got dressed for class this morning and after putting on this floral blazer I had an epiphany. This epiphany was: Wow, Pretty Bird, this is totes blogger chic. And then I had an idea. I know you all have missed me terribly, especially my roommate Sammie, and I felt bad about hiding my face from you for this long, so I decided, why the hell not blog? So I recruited my roommate Marielle for the job of photog, and we pranced the day away. This was the outcome:

Pardon me frolicking in place. Since I would prefer to not prance around outside in the meadows of College Park, my apartment will just have to do. It's also an adjustment frolicking without my best lady friend, Alexandria. I miss you, sista. Notice my creative cuffs. I totes folded my sweater sleeves over those of my blazer.

Since my roommate is getting used to the whole photographer thing, I'll let her off easy for cutting off my right arm. And we did have this photoshoot in three minutes since we were trying to catch a bus. Don't mind me choking myself, I do it all in the name of fashion, and for you, loyal readers.

Say hello to my purple scarf.

I thoroughly enjoy this photo of my boots because if you look closely, okay not that closely, it kinda seems like I'm doing a jig. A conga line of sorts, if you will, only this conga line doesn't involve others. Just me, myself, and I.
PS: if you're digging the Wedding Crashers poster, I'm sure my roommate Danielle would love to sell it to you. Bidding starts at a Michael Kors wallet, up for negotiation.

Sweater: Michael Kors, Blazer: Free People, Jeans: GAP, Boots: Franco Sarto


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