Friday, December 30, 2011

Inspired By: Shag

HONEY I'M HOME!!! Like literally and metaphorically. I'm home from college, so that's literally. And metaphorically I'm home to my lovely URL, one that I'm sure most of you assume I have abandoned due to my lack of blogging since the month of October, sorry Molly baby. But I assure you, I have not forgotten about you little darlings. I'm back in action and ready to dress in fur for you. Kidding, faux fur only here, peepz. Alexandria, mah best lady friend, is back too and we're ready to frolick around all in the name of birdies.

Now I digress into something slightly educational.

According to leading psychologists, childhood experiences do not shape who we are today. Instead, our most recent past experiences do. I got attacked by a wiener dog when I was young; naturally I am afraid of dogs. However, I am only afraid of them now because I avoid them, say these psychologists. So, in my attempts to take a small step for dogkind and one giant leap for me, fearer of the pesky canines, I have decided to sport an animal on my bod. Kidding! Fish are friends, not food! Similarly, love animals, don't wear them. Which is what I plan to do: love dogs, as much as I can at least. So here I stand, motivated to be a fine lover of pooch, rocking a shaggy fur coat, or what I like to call the shaggy dawg.

I received a call from a blocked number the other day informing me that I should return to my natural hair color because my dyed hair is u-g-l-y. But to that I say, I'm an ombre and lovin' life.

Just getting a taste of my own medicine, I suppose, since I've been quite the prank caller lately.

Just call me Buddha.

Wanna see through the eyes of the Pretty Bird? Today it's been pretty blurry. Just got contacts, I'm like a blind little bat.

I feel like Aladin in these. Score.
Fur jacket: Free People, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Pants: J Brand, Shoes: Dolce Vita


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