Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inspired By: Patterned Dress

Today marked the last day of my internship. Tear, tear. (Insert salsa dancing emoji here.) Hashtag free slave!

But on a serious note, unpaid internships can go eff themselves. Like all that work for nothing in return besides resume building shiz? Just ugh. But my real question to these unpaid internships is, will you at the very least pay for the therapy I now need? Have your people call my people, and lemme know.

Good news for all you little birdies, though! Because I've been lazy, or busy spending my employee discount or doing random stuff, I've been slacking on my posts. Seems unfortunate, right? Here's where it gets good. So many more outfit posts to go! Insert "WAHOO" response here.

Now I have the rest of the summer to frolick, heal the blisters from my heels and do what I do best: the Bar Method. Time to eat, pray, love. I mean, eat, blog, bar.

Until next time, babes.


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