Sunday, December 26, 2010

Inspired By: The Man Repeller

I have recently come across a blog called "The Man Repeller". This blog is hilarious, particularly because everything this blogger says is true. What seems stylish to us girls, and trust me its very stylish, is often repulsive to a boy, or man. They just don't understand unless it's skin tight or non existent. I remember a time a few years ago when I wore a patterned blouse with high waisted black shorts (cute huh?) and was asked if i had gotten my clothes from my grandma's closet. On that day, no, I did not. But i have shopped in my grandma's closet many times before and let me just tell you, it is fabulous.

Anyway, Leandra Medine, blogger of The Man Repeller, is beyond hilarious, which is probably why I have managed to remain on her blog for the past 2 hours and will probably remain for the rest of my night. Yay for cheetah print, faux fur, and dressing like there's an animal on your foot.

Let's face it, man repellers, we don't get men because we're not "man-getters". Oh well, harem pants and yeshiva style shall conquer all.