Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inspired By: Graduation Fiestas

Ello, ello gobna. (Governor, not Schwarzenegger, though, this blog is no place for men like him). Anyhoo, hey, hi, whatsup? Ah, look at me, the ballerina bellow, curtseying in my pretty Free People dress! I rocked this for my graduation party, peepz. Yay, I'm a grad.

Practicing my model face. Working? I think not.
Notice my awkward positioning? Of course I had reason as to why my arms are positioned in such a manner. And the reason begins with a needle. No, sillies, I did not stick a needle in myself! But I did get some blood taken (sorry for the mental image, you squeamish readers o' mine)

And this session of blood taking did not end well. Of course I did not realize until after the bandage came off. Long story short, the lady missed mah vein and bruised my wittle arm. Longer story short, my hand is like that to conceal my colorful bruise. And when I say colorful I mean purples and greens and yellows, oh my.

Dress: Free People, Shoes: Michael Kors
No graduation fiesta is complete without another fiesta, one on the arm.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspired By: Graduation (the real thing)

I just graduated. Shit, what do I do now? Kidding, I'm off to college. Anyway, here I am before the ceremony that did not get rained out, I know, crazy.

Please excuse the gross sticker remnants on my door behind me. I shall tell you why it is the hot mess that it is. When I was younger I used to take stickers from the dentist's office. As soon as I would get home I would stick them all over my door, inside and outside. When i grew up, kidding, when my parents forced me to take them off, I did. However, the residue ain't so great.

Whatever, life rocks. I just graduated.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Nine West, Cap: Who Knows, Who Cares (hehe)

Oh shit. That's a cap. On my small head. My head is probably the size of an infants. So small, in fact, that when I was younger my doctor cried to my mom saying there was something wrong with me. My mother insisted and finally my doctor understood that I come from a family of small heads. So coma lita comie yourselves, Rachel and Sam.

Confused by that phrase? Perhaps it is Latin? Maybe Yiddush? No, it derives from a language that my childhood friends made up. That phrase is code for "Amanda's head is so small it is going to explode." I cried to my mom after hearing such harsh accusations.

Do you remember when I posted about possible graduation dresses and wedges? Well, like Honest Abe, I told the truth when I said one of those wedges would be the wedge of choice. So here we are.

Drum roll...

I went with the Nine West babies.
Which I just realized you already saw in the first photo from this post. Oh well, excuse my drum roll shenanigans.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspired By: Sneak Peaks

Here's a little foreshadowing action for you, readers. You've been complaining that I haven't posted since senior prom. Sorry, but I've been pretty darn busy taking care of some shit for GRADUATION. (Inspired by Graduation is coming soon by the way; however, that is not what this post is foreshadowing.)

All I will tell you, is, the feet pictured below belong to my mother and I. Can you guess which feet belong to which gal? How about a hint? I sweat a lot and rarely wear pants. If that's not enough of a clue here's another one: my mom is pretty damn rad and does occasionally wear blue on her toenails but then again, sometimes she doesn't.

Anyway, yay DKNY. You really outdid yourself this time. So much so that my mom and I both bought a pair of your sandalias.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inspired By: Senior Prom

Hello hello hello. Wazzzup wazzup wazzup! (to quote the really loud man on The Next Food Network Star. You know him. The one who yells about his awesomeness.) Anyway, hi. It's been a while. I know I'm slacking, but to be fair I've been pretty damn busy. And I recognize my last post was pretty fucking lame. But I have more of those baby headbands if you know, you liked that sort of thing.

Why was the Pretty Bird so busy? You ask. Well, readers and questions askers, I was prepping for my senior prom. Doing a lot of shit like getting my nails and toes did. And mah hair did. And some waxage on my eyebrows and things. And some crying.

I have no soul but can be quite the cry baby. Like Friday when I cried during my Advertising class because my teacher would not let me go to the nurse after I broke my toe and watched it gush blood in my moccasin. Sorry to be graphic, but I hope now you understand.

Okay so here are some of my prom pictures, ones I made Alexandria take for me in the lobby while everyone was eating dinner. I wanted some privacy, gosh. Plus I don't eat red meat, and naturally there was steak for din din. Okay bye, enjoy.

Caption: Moron Who Frolicks in the Lobby of Senior Prom

In case you were wondering what the back of my dress looked like. Basically the same as the front. But oh wait! With a criss cross back. I go hard.

My mom calls me edgy. Because of my shoes, people.

Because no outfit is complete without an animal skin of some sorts...