Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inspired By: Graduation Fiestas

Ello, ello gobna. (Governor, not Schwarzenegger, though, this blog is no place for men like him). Anyhoo, hey, hi, whatsup? Ah, look at me, the ballerina bellow, curtseying in my pretty Free People dress! I rocked this for my graduation party, peepz. Yay, I'm a grad.

Practicing my model face. Working? I think not.
Notice my awkward positioning? Of course I had reason as to why my arms are positioned in such a manner. And the reason begins with a needle. No, sillies, I did not stick a needle in myself! But I did get some blood taken (sorry for the mental image, you squeamish readers o' mine)

And this session of blood taking did not end well. Of course I did not realize until after the bandage came off. Long story short, the lady missed mah vein and bruised my wittle arm. Longer story short, my hand is like that to conceal my colorful bruise. And when I say colorful I mean purples and greens and yellows, oh my.

Dress: Free People, Shoes: Michael Kors
No graduation fiesta is complete without another fiesta, one on the arm.


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