Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspired By: Bowling

If you know me you obviously know that I am obsessed with my family and talk about them all the time. True Life: Meryl and Dennis are my best friends. You will also know that a) my mom has da kewlest clothes b) my dad is a professional bowler. He's great, he has a ring and everything. Very bowling alley legit.

Anyway, I like that Dennis is a professional bowler because I feel like my dad is a professional athlete, one of those kewl ones who gets interviewed all the time and has groupies. While he doesn't get interviewed all the time, he does have groupies, many of them, my friends. Dennis is a hero to all of my friends, and he has a plaque with his name on it and everything in the bowling alley. I suck at bowling. Den tried to teach me once but gave up because I insisted on using a 6 pound ball. Apparently the 6 pound ball is for children.

You may be wondering why I'm telling you about my bowler dad and his groupies. I'm telling you because my new shoes remind me of my father's hobby, bowling. You may remember me telling you about them in my Urban post a few days ago. And perhaps you remember me telling you I will be the fine owner of them soon. Well that soon time came and went and now they reside in my closet. So, now, I am ready to hit the bowling alley with my new bowling brogues. No need for smelly used bowling shoes. Go me. Even if I do still need to bowl with the bumpers up...
Sweater: Ecote, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Cooperative (all from Urban! woo I'm loyal)

I am now ready to take flight, I can fly away. Get it? My sleeves kinda look like wings. After all, I am a pretty bird on a breeze.

See that fancy ribbon on the top of my sweater? That's not a fashion statement, people, that's just an easy way to hang up your clothes. Sometimes hangers are to small. The solution? Ribbons! Even if you can't see my ribbon in this picture, since it's such high quality photobooth photography, you should know what I'm talking about. If not, you need to get out more, friends.

I recently tweeted a picture of my fancy new shoes and my friend responded to my tweet: "Are those bowling shoes?" Job well done, to me.
Wondering why I have a band-aid on my little finger? I cut my finger on a hurdle while adjusting the height. I'm band-aid chic now, whatever.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inspired By: Prom

I finally decided to upload my prom pics! Kidding, my mom just gave me back my camera, she was hoarding it in her fancy car (seen below). Anyway, here are the much awaited pictures (Molly). Enjoy my curly blown out hair-do and make-up. I don't wear make-up. Except on occasions like this. I decided it would only be proper to look my best, especially because it wasn't my prom. Yay junior prom. I'm a senior. Not my prom. Woo.

Hope you enjoy my butterfly and floral ridden flowy ruffle dress! And my fancy shoes. You better appreciate those shoes. I was able to wear them all night, crazy right? Especially since last time I wore them for a night of dancing the night away, my feet wanted to murder me. Sorry, feet. But I was a trooper and kept them on all night. And if you know me and my hardcore dance moves, that sounds like it would hurt, a lot. Don't worry, I was fine, and my feet got over it.

...and just in case you wanted to see the same view of the dress, but this time with my legs crossed and me standing in front of my mom's car (mom's idea) it is!

Shoes: Frye, Clutch: Mom's Closet

Please excuse my recycling of this picture of my shoes from a previous post. But, my mom was having a hard time taking a good picture of my shoes on the day of, and we were in a tad bit of a rush so I felt bad asking her to retake it 12 times, I'm a great daughter.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inspired By: March By Urban

The March catalogue showed up on my bedroom floor the other day, yay. I couldn't have been more excited to get it and flip through its glorious pages. So, I immediately went online and threw some things in my shopping cart. Friday was my 18th birthday, woohoo legality! I can buy lottery tickets and order a snuggie over the phone! Anyone want one? I'm only buying leopard or floral choose wisely.

Also on Friday was my high schools junior prom. I went even though I'm not a junior, woo. Kewl senya at the prom. Well, it was really a senior/sophomore prom since there was not a junior to be found. What a kick ass 18th birthday. Ya know what? It was because I pretended the prom was my birthday bash. PROM PICTURES TO COME, DON'T FRET MOLLY. I'm taking forever bloggin' it up about the prom and my outfit because my camera is sleeping in my mom's car. SOON SOON SOON.

SWEATERS ROCK MY SOX, just like the idea of Justin Bieber growing a mustache, you go Biebs, gurl.

Staring at Stars Shadow Stripe Pullover $59...can't wait to own this holey masterpiece.

Cheap Monday Margo Sweater $58

Sparkle & Fade Leopard Pullover Sweater $68...I bet this sweater has nine lives. Get it? Get it? Because cheetahs are the fastest kats.

My love of shoes derives from my mother's love of shoes. My mother is a woman with four shoe closets. I'm a pathological exaggerator, but right now I am not exaggerating, you can ask my mom and she'll tell you. Anyway, we LOVE shoes in my house. Except for my dad, his idea of a good shoe time is CROCS. Kill me. Crocs are bad for one's health...they are vomit inducers. Sorry, Dad, you know I hate your super kewl crocodile shoes. Back to the point, I tend to stray away from the point every so often. Oh, I got the iphone, woo. Straying, still. The shoes in the March catalogue for Urban Outfitters are fab, flatforms and bowling shoes all the way, people.


Cooperative Janis Platform Sandal $59...more like FLATform can I get a what what?

Cooperate Canvas Cap-toe Oxford $49...I will soon be the owner of these fine bowling shoes

Miista Huarache Heel $199

Pointer Elsie Oxford $210

Deena and Ozzy Braided Hybrid Boot $58


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspired By: Twitter

It's official. I now have a twitter. I told myself I'd never fall to the twitter epidemic, but I did, yay. Unfortunately, prettybirdonabreeze is too long for the tweetin' peepz. Prettybirdonabr was not sufficient enough for this pretty bird (me) so i had to drop the pretty. Trust me, no one is as sad as I am. So, loyal followers, you better follow me. Ha ha he he ha ha ho. But seriously, follow me.

The following photo shows you how truly excited I am to be a part of the tweetin' community. thumbs up, times two. Life is grand. Especially because the twitter emblem is a bird. A very very pretty bird, like me! Also if you'll kindly pardon my grossness, I am quite sick with a sore throat and a pounding headache. But good news, my pediatrician says I don't have strep! Hehe I'm turning 18 and go to the pediatrician, life is good my friends.