Friday, January 28, 2011

Inspired By: Friday and No Gym Class

I love days I don't have gym. I like being able to get dressed in the morning and not have to go to school and immediately get undressed and changed. I also love these days because I can wear things that won't necessarily be stuffed in a locker.

So today, I opted for my Free People cargos and Free People long ass sweater. Gym class hero? Yes, because I look like a superhero when I walk and my super hero garment flies with me. (In this case, my sweater doubles as a shield and cape)

Whenever I wear clothes, which do not fear is everyday, my dad asks me why I am so dressed up. The answer? I hate sweats and quite honestly cannot pull them off. And when I do wear them it is to sleep because no one will see me. Anyway, a cargo and sweater is not dressed up. So everyday I remind him, "Dennis, darling. This is a sweater. You may be granted the right to ask me that question when I wear a dress. Good day." And I do wear dresses to school, Dad.

I have a similar philosophy when it comes to UGG boots, or UGGly ass boots. This philosophy parallels that of sweats in public, or school. If you are one of those people who thinks wearing UGGs with jean shorts or a dress is ok, be ashamed of yourself. And then get some treatment, I'd love to be your therapist. You may pay me in Free People. Ditch the UGGs, gurls and guys, buy yourself some Docs, like mine (below).

I was ecstatic today when a fellow student of mine said "I hate when people wear sweatpants. You look dirty and lazy. I laugh and yell at you in my head." Thank you for understanding, kind sir.

Cargo close-up, kinda.

So patchwork chic.

Word to the Wise: Do not drink iced coffee when it is freezing outside. Who am I kidding? You can never go wrong with an iced coffee. Nevermind, peace readers.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspired By: Pre-Meet

Tomorrow is a very important track meet for the varsity athletes of Demarest Winter Track. In an effort to keep the day-before-meet-workout subtle and not-too-tiring, our coaches give us the gift of a "pre-meet". What this means to those of you who aren't familiar with track lingo, and that's kewl, is that we do not go hard. Instead, we take it easy. Pre-meet? After today I shall change that and call it the-meet.

But, alas, enter Coach "trainer" Wood, today we shall kill the little track athletes in a sweltering cafeteria with few windows and very little circulation. Fine, all is well. Until we poor sweating track athletes think the workout has ended. Let's now play a little game I like to call "hit it". (You are about to rethink your idea of hittin' it). This game of "hit it" involves high-knees and push-ups every five seconds. Painful? Certainly.

After this and a hurdle workout, I must now carry my hurdle along with my fellow hurdle friend. This task takes years I tell you. Looong story short (not really that short since I have come to the end of my long and rather pointless story), due to the push-ups mixed with my lack-there-of upper body strength and the carrying of a hurdle, I now have no feeling in my arms. Simple tasks like shampooing my hair were even difficult tonight. My arms cannot carry their own weight, shame shame.

There is no moral to this story, besides track kills. And a "pre-meet" is never as easy as it seems.

Now, since this blog is what I like to call a fashion blog, I will now direct you to my friends at whowhatwear. My friends are now your friends. Enjoy their clever genius, and the kewl new spring/sprang fads.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspired By: Polka Dot Shorts

This just in: I am the proud owner of these fancy FP polka dot shorts.

Check out my artsy fartsy new ring, too.


Inspired By: Just Another Day

I love delayed openings when it snows. However, if there's one thing I don't love, it's not being aware of a delayed opening. And today would not be the first time that has happened to me. Tuesday my school had a delayed opening as well. I woke up normal time, brushed mah teeth, and washed mah face. Now, if you are human you know those tasks instantly wake an individual up. Once you brush your teeth, there's just no turning back.

Anyway, my Mom posted a note on her door saying I had a delayed opening. Oh? Long story short, I didn't see that note. So I had woken up 3 hours before I needed to be in school. I normally get ready for school in 15 minutes, so this was just too long.

Fast forward to today, Friday the 21st. I woke up normal time and there were no notes to be found anywhere. Ok, "normal time it is" I giggled to myself. On the contrary, Amanda gurl, "you have a delayed opening" says Daddy. Thanks.

Rather pointless story, hope you enjoyed it. Here's mah delayed opening day outfit: I am putting my mother's Free People sweater to good use, that baby ain't going back in her closet. GAP jean jacket, you so sexy.

Curtsyin', just how I roll.

Thanks photobooth for making my necklace backwards. That's an "a", peepz, for "Amanda". Brings me back to my Tiffany and Co. Bat Mitzvah present days, memories memories.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inspired By: FP January 2011

My inspiration for this post comes from the beauteous FP January 2011 catalog. When I received it in the mail today I a) cried joyful tears even before I opened it and b) wept while skimming the pages and studying each look. This catalog justified my obsession with FP all the more and made me cry. I like happy tears, they remind me that I do in fact have a soul. Because, if you know me, I never cry at sad movies. I'm soul-less.

I also bought this to die for Free People sweater today. Ok, you got me. It's my mom's and she bought it. But, I will soon steal it and when the time comes, snatch it and run away with it to college. Mom, I'm going to show you this post later and when you see it just know I'm kidding. Kind of.
It's harem pant and turband time. I just wish I had those lace harems...

Special thanks to the Man Repeller for helping me make this fancy turband.

Maxi dressin' it with a cropped layer on top. OH and a kewl scarf.

plaid and flowers. no need to convince me more. (plaid and floral-kinda mah thing)

...and just some more inspiration.

Sidenote: why does my fridge slash home condone the eating of reese's? I'm getting fat here.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspired By: Floral Socks

Today I channeled my grandma when I got dressed for escuela. Not only did I channel her, but I wore her scarf. Score. No pair of pure blue high-wasted jeans are complete without a vintage sweater from my mom's closet and a scarf from grandma's. Spread the wealth, share your clothes. I'd also love to tell you to snag a pair of these BDG high-wasteys for only $29, but that deal ended on January 3rd at Urban. Sorry kiddies.
High wasted jeans have been my guiltiest pleasure lately. Word to the wise: higher jean pockets make your ass look fine, and when I say "fine" imagine me saying it like "foiiiine". Get it?
Thumbs up for my grammy socks you can't see and my kick ass suede flats.
I love me some floral grammy socks, with flats. I hope you like my carpet, because that would make one of us. When my parents brought it home I said, "Mom, Dad, I hate this carpet. Please return it before I cry." Their response? "You are so ungrateful". So, to prove my gratefulness, five years later, I still use that nasty, I mean beautiful carpet.
PS-Melissa, best frand in da entire world, I am sorry for ditching you to babysit...but i will buy you a purty birthday present with mah cash money.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspired By: Macy*s NYC

Today my marketing class went on a field trip to Macy's in NYC, the original, duh. This is basically what I wore. Man repeller kudos to me for mixing patterns? (I'm slightly obsessed with man repelling these days, thanks Man Repeller).

I've decided to spruce up this blog a tad, I never really post pictures of myself so I think it's time. Ya never know, this may evolve into a blog about the daily outfits I wear to school, or not. Probably not.

1) Excuse the grossness, I have yet to clean myself after track practice today. For anyone who did that hills workout, you know how gross that is of me and I'm sorry. But tomorrow is a snow day so I'm living a little.

2) Pardon the sleeping bag and navigator. The sleeping bag is me being lazy from when my friend slept over last weekend. Yeah I make my friends sleep in sleeping bags. Hey, it's better than when I made my best friend sleep on my floor with just a blanket. Sorry, Melissa. And as for the navigator, my car tried to kill me today. Nbd. So i decided to bring the nav inside, where it will be safe. Goodnight.

Basically the complete look, except for the shoes. Ever feel like going sans shoes? I do. This was just one of those times...oh and I'm in my room recreating my outfit.
Ya know, just me. Thumbs up for my chunky, comfy scarf.