Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inspired By: Floral Socks

Today I channeled my grandma when I got dressed for escuela. Not only did I channel her, but I wore her scarf. Score. No pair of pure blue high-wasted jeans are complete without a vintage sweater from my mom's closet and a scarf from grandma's. Spread the wealth, share your clothes. I'd also love to tell you to snag a pair of these BDG high-wasteys for only $29, but that deal ended on January 3rd at Urban. Sorry kiddies.
High wasted jeans have been my guiltiest pleasure lately. Word to the wise: higher jean pockets make your ass look fine, and when I say "fine" imagine me saying it like "foiiiine". Get it?
Thumbs up for my grammy socks you can't see and my kick ass suede flats.
I love me some floral grammy socks, with flats. I hope you like my carpet, because that would make one of us. When my parents brought it home I said, "Mom, Dad, I hate this carpet. Please return it before I cry." Their response? "You are so ungrateful". So, to prove my gratefulness, five years later, I still use that nasty, I mean beautiful carpet.
PS-Melissa, best frand in da entire world, I am sorry for ditching you to babysit...but i will buy you a purty birthday present with mah cash money.


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