Inspiration and Origin

Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration.

I am constantly being inspired by everything in my life. So, I decided to share my inspirations with you on this here blog of mine.

Care to know how I got started? Well, it's a funny story. My horoscope told me I should start a new project. So I did. My project? My fancy lil blog of pretty birds.

Pretty Bird on a Breeze. What? I shall explain. Ever hear of Dave Matthew's Band? If not, you're crazy. Get off the internet and go listen to an album. They are great.  Anyway, after deciding to start this blog I knew I needed a fancy schmancy blog url. Original. I was at a loss for words and originality. At this time I was listening to the song Funny the Way It Is by none other than Dave Matthews. One line stood out to me and I was, well, inspired.

And that is how my blog came to be named pretty bird on a breeze. I did not think I was a pretty bird, but now that is what everyone calls me. I fly on the breeze.

The end.