Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspired By: Wednes-DIY

Shalom. I just got back from a nice jog. During this jog I thought about many things. I thought about the fact that camp ended today and how I am leaving for college in a little over a week. Shit is getting real. I want my room to be fabulous and basically Free-Peopled out. What better way to accomplish this than by buying some cork boards, a necessary item for college dorms, and decorated them with mah fave brand? You're right, there is no better way than a Wednes-DIY.

And the other thing I thought about while I was running? How fabulous it is to be a sober individual surrounded by drunk fools at staff parties. And then I replayed a scene of a drunk fool salsa dancing with my friend Jackie at said party. Goooood times.

And so we begin with our Free People bag and scissors. If you look closely you can see that this bag is already cut. Sorry, but I thought of the idea to blog about my big DIY project after I cut the bag. So, sue me. PS do you get my title of this post? It's a play on words, duh. I did a DIY on Wednesday.

I know you can't really tell, but I'm folding the shiz out of the fabric in this here picture. Folding away, loving Wednes-day (DIY). Poet, and I didn't even know it.

This is what your cork board should look like now. If it doesn't, go poop.

Once you've snazzy-fied your cork with a fabric of your choice the next step is to staple, with your daddy's powerful staple gun, half of the Free People bag on top.

Don't I just look the snazziest posing with my new do it yaself cork boards? Did I mention I love projects. Actually, did I mention I love Free People? I tweeted them a twitpic of these boards, still no answer. I guess the Free People twitter rep overlooked it. I'll have my people call their people and work it all out.

El producto final. That's "the final product" in Spanish, in case you were wondering. Gosh how could you not know your Spanish? I'm kidding, I got a 1 on my Spanish AP test, I ain't one to judge.

So, who wants a recap? Anyone, anyone? I'll give you one anyway.
Step 1: Buy some cork boards. Squares are fun, and the perfect size for our Free People spin.
Step 2: Get yoself a fine ass Free People shopping bag, cut the handle off, and then cut the bag in half.
Step 3: Choose a fabric. I chose leopard and floral. Not that you asked.
Step 4: Cut the fabric into a square to fit around your cork board and staple it on the back.
Step 5: Staple the Free People bag over the other fabric. Pull tight so you ain't gots no ridges or speed bumps.
Step 6: Hang that shiz up in your dorm room and be a walking, talking, breathing Free People ad.
Shoutout to my new friend Ellen. She bookmarked my blog on her computer. What a loyal follower. So, thank you Ellen. I enjoyed watching Bachelor Pad with you the other night. Yay Ames and Jackie.