Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspired By: My FP "Dress"

First of all, please pardon the quality of this photo. Although it was taken by my best lady friend aka photographer Alex Davis, this picture is what we like to call a mupload: mobile upload; an upload deriving from one's cellular device.

Anyway...I know what you're thinking. Kewl dress, Pretty Bird! And to that I say thank you, but I have fooled you. This dress in which you speak is not in fact a dress, but a skirt and a shirt to be exact. All Free People, might I add. Also: enjoy the face of my best lady friend's sister Victoria, my other lady friend, to my right.

Sorry you all can't see my pretty bird face. But hey, at least there's some breeze. Punny, as always.

Tank: Free People, Skirt: Free People, Sandals: Jeffrey Cambpell, Bandeau: American Apparel


Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspired By: Coachella

I have always wanted to go to Coachella. Not really for the music, but for the fashion. Everyone who attends just looks so damn flawless, effortless, and chic. I love everything about the Coachella fashion: high waisteys, hats galore, booties, and huge too-big-for-the-face sunglasses. Sign me up, please.

Anyway, I did Coachella my way today. And this would possibly be what I would wear for a day in the sun at the one and only Coachella.

Stripes and denim shorts and fedora. Sailor chic at it's best and I'm diggin' it.

Love. This. Look. Need. Those. Shorts.

My fave lady of all time: Diane Kruger rockin' her maxi skirt and fedora. You and me both, sista.
images via Mr. Newton

COACHELLA MY WAY: if I shall ever attend
Tank: American Apparel, Bandeau: Free People, Skirt: Silence & Noise, Jacket: GAP, Boots: Blowfish, Fedora: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Tashka

To start off Coachella My Way I decided it be best to pose like a giant moron. Moron is my new favorite word ever since I have been watching @afterlately. You rock my world, C. Handler.

YMCA? Ballet?

I look like a deer caught in headlights. Scary. I'm scared of my deer-like self.

I made a new friend today! His name is Tommy the Ninja Turtle and we are sharing. Because that's what friends do.

Good ol' Abe Lincoln residing on my necklace. IS THAT A PENNY?!?! Indeed it is, my friends. But this shit ain't bronze and it ain't a real penny. It's a fashion statement. Get with it.

Crotch shot? Nah just showin' off mah floral skirty! It has pockets. I can stash skirtish things in there, like a tissue if I shall ever be in need of a Puffs Plus while wearing this skirt.

Blow fish. More like kick ass. Kidding. these are my Blowfish booties, I've had them forever and I shall lurve them forever.

Remember, kiddies, if there is one valuable lesson I can teach you from this blog it is to recycle. Reuse, reduce, recycle. La la la.

I also feel that an appropriate caption for this photo would be: "Look, Ma, no eyes!!"
photos by Alex Davis: the one and only.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspired By: Geek AND Hippie Chic (No, Not All In One)

Hello hello lovely followers. I've been feeling very intelligent lately, I think it's all thanks to my new spectacles! I call them geeky chic specs. Once I put them on I am instantly transformed into a smart lady, and I can even see clearly too!

Today I decided to embody two different people: the geek and the hippie.

Happy Earth Day to all, and to all a fabulous free coffee and tea day at Starbucks! (I've already been twice with my best lady friend Alexandria aka my photographer)

Shirt: Brother's Closet, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini, Bowtie: Dad's Closet, Glasses: Lafant

Meditating also helps.

Just doing what I do best...frolicking about.

Geeks love to read; therefore, today, so do I! See that girl on the cover of my book? Well, that's me! Wanna know why I'm reading a book all about me? Because that is my bat mitzvah photo album! Why am I reminiscing on this particular day, you ask? Well, friends, because today, Earth Day, is the 5th anniversary of my bat mitzvah! Mazel Tov to me! I'm a woman!!!

Nothing says GEEK like a poke to the frames! Imagine me snorting/laughing right now too.

Thanks, dad, for letting me borrow your bowtie! I know you only have a red one because you think your PeeWee Herman. Kidding, your PeeWee laugh is pretty much dead on. Teach me?

My lil brown loafers.

Shirt: GAP, Jeans: GAP, Sunglasses: Juicy Couture, Shoes: Vince Camuto

I just bought a time machine at the GAP when I bought these jeans and shirt. So I decided to put it to good use and transform myself back to the 70s. Kidding, they don't sell time machines at the GAP, sillies! But they do sell flare jeans and sweet tie dye shirts with bows on them.

Hi, again. I thought since I was wearing sunglasses here you wouldn't be able to tell my eyes were closed. Jokes on me!

Just, ya know, working on my modeling career.

Not trying to brag but my arms looks pretty damn toned here. Mission accomplished. Not really my mission, but I feel pretty damn accomplished right now. Oh and say hello to my pretty bird bow. Sorry for being such a poet and rhyming all the time.

So hippie. So retro. So fresh. So flare-tastic!

These shoes are like little bird cages. Little cages for my little pretty bird feet.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Inspired By: One Love, One Short

These shorts were quite the steal. I didn't actually steal them, don't worry, I have a really guilty conscience. I saw these babies on the sale rack for $14.99 and snagged them. So what if they give me a wedgie? #lifeisgood.

I figured since these shorts are oh so cute like a button, I might as well center a few outfits around them. I decided to call this experiment: one love, one short. Creative, right? So here I stand, clad in my Kimchi Blue trouser shorts and various shirts, shoes, and most importantly,elephant socks.

Shirt: Silence and Noise, Shorts: Kimchi Blue, Shoes: Anne Klein

Anne Klein, you've done good, kid. Lovin' on my lil loafers.

I tweeted a picture of my yellow nails last night after painting them. I called it: Fingers full o' sunshine. Like pockets full o' sunshine, the song by Natasha Bedingfield. Technically now, my fingers and pockets are both full o' sunshine. Hooray.

Blouse: Kimchi Blue, Shorts: Kimchi Blue, Socks: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Cooperative
aka "I wish I thought of wearing a table cloth over my bra" -The Banana Bin

Dance dance like it's the last last night of your life life. Usher, anyone? Nah? Ok. I tried. Nothing stops me from breaking it down in the middle of the street.

If you know me, you know I'm afraid animals--especially weener dogs and deer--so, I suppose my spankin' new socks come as a surprise to you. My socks have little baby elephants on them that frolic in the wind, kinda like me. I may not like real elephants, but I sure do like little fake ones of my socks. Oh, and in case during this shoot I got a call to fill in for my professional bowler dad at the lanes, I'd so be ready with these shoes. Just sayin'.

Before this picture was taken I asked my friend Alex how I should pose. We both simultaneously said: FROLIC FOR SURE. Agreed. And so here I am frolicking away, twirling around and flying away like the pretty bird I am.

Intense model face? Check. Hands in the air party like I just don't care? Check. See-through blouse? Check. A sneak peak at how I will look as an ombre? CHECK.
Shirt: Central Park West, Shorts: still Kimchi Blue, Shoes: Superga, Bow: American Apparel

Just lacing up my sneaks...chillen.

Helloooo awkward stance and Blue Steel facial expression. I call this look: Zoolander Chic.

Check out my red accents. I call this look "Maryland Chic." Kidding...but at least I'm ready for the land of mary with all this rojo. Spankin' new Superga sneaks in red=my life is complete.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspired By: UGGS...WHAT?!

I've had to make many tough decisions this year. Some more serious like where to attend college, and if you read this blog, which you should and most likely do since you are reading this silly post, then you know I chose UMD, chirp terp I'm a pretty bird chirp terp. Other decisions involved to wear boyfriend jeans or not to wear boyfriend jeans, because I do not have a boyfriend. To eat this caloric yet beautiful cupcake or not to eat the cupcake. Sorry for the Shakespearean references, but I am finishing off the year in AP Lit after all, and I did have to fill out all of my AP paperwork today.

Anyway, today I am faced with an extremely difficult decision, a challenge, if you may. I call it a challenge because I have challenged myself to buy an item that I have so publicly trashed before today and find this item quite offensive. No, the item is not crocs. Kill me if I ever say Gee!!!! I want to buy some CROCS today!!!! Seriously, put me out of my misery.

This battle entails a pair of UGGly ass shoes. Get my gist? I decided since I am off to college in the fall and although I say I will get dressed up every single day for class, you and I both know that is a big fat lie, although I shall try to flaunt my Free People dresses to class as often as genuinely possible. But for the days I want to roll out of bed, a nice pair of UGG moccasins seem like exactly what the the slipper doctor (in this case UGGoligist) ordered. I am a loyal Minnetonka Moccasin kind of girl, but let's face it. If College Park ever gets cold, a girl just needs the warmth of some UGGs when her Hunter Welly socks won't cut it.

So now the difficult decision? PEWTER or BLACK?!?!?!?!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Inspired By: Rainy Friday

Hello, lovely followers. And of course by now you know by that I mean the Davis sisters, Molly, and anyone who reads my facebook statuses threatening their lives if they do not in fact read my new post, bitches.

And now to quote my favorite movie The Parent Trap..."We're expecting a bit of rain today, but Mildred, would you hold on a moment?" (Rain-->Rainboots-->Happiness)

So anyway, enjoy this picture of me frolicking in my front yard during lunch. I came home from school just to take pictures for this blog. Dedication? I think so. Also enjoy my douche bag umbrella. He is from when I was five years old. It says my name on it in fancy letters with the dots on the end. Know what I mean? If you had a childhood you'd understand. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Anyone else have "Friday" by Rebecca Black stuck in their head right now? It's Friday. I shall forever sing that song on every Friday.
T-shirt: BDG, Sweater: Mom's Closet, Fur Vest: Romeo and Juliet Couture, Leggings: American Apparel, Boots and Welly Socks: Hunter, Bow: American Apparel

Cheetah accents on my Hunters, obviously. A little background about these boots: getting them drove me and my entire family CRAZY. Literally, put us in therapy. KIDDING! But seriously, stressful, peepz. I got them for my birthday and then returned them to be nice to my mom because we found them for a more pleasant price. Then they were the wrong version of the boot. Damn the man who sold me them. Then i called a different store and begged the man for NON GLOSSY BLACK HUNTERS SIZE 8.

"Yes mam, not glossy" he assured me. REPEAT AFTER ME, NOT GLOSSY. "Yes mam, black size 8 not glossy, I hear you loud and clear." So, I sent my professional bowling dad on a nice errand on his way to his bowling league to pick up my new not glossy Hunter boots. Oh silly salesman who took an oath promising my Hunters would not be glossy, you're a big fat liar. They were glossy. So I called back and was assured that they did indeed have the right shoe at the store.

So I went that night to retrieve my not glossy boots. Yay! Perfect. Oh wait, Jimmy, these are a size NINE. Men's size EIGHT. Dammit. Fooled again. Back to square one. I had to order them and have them shipped to my casa. Drama drama drama. But now they are mine, woo.

Just thought you'd enjoy a nice close-up of my sweater vest, ha, sweater vest. More like fluffy sweater vest! Faux fur be where it's at peepz! And there's a sweater lining on my fur vest, hence sweater vest. Funny funny funny.

...and introducing to you my fancy red for Maryland bow! I'm so Maryland legit. I only buy red things now. Oh, except the new pair of blue socks I ordered from Urban, they have elephants on them.