Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspired By: UGGS...WHAT?!

I've had to make many tough decisions this year. Some more serious like where to attend college, and if you read this blog, which you should and most likely do since you are reading this silly post, then you know I chose UMD, chirp terp I'm a pretty bird chirp terp. Other decisions involved to wear boyfriend jeans or not to wear boyfriend jeans, because I do not have a boyfriend. To eat this caloric yet beautiful cupcake or not to eat the cupcake. Sorry for the Shakespearean references, but I am finishing off the year in AP Lit after all, and I did have to fill out all of my AP paperwork today.

Anyway, today I am faced with an extremely difficult decision, a challenge, if you may. I call it a challenge because I have challenged myself to buy an item that I have so publicly trashed before today and find this item quite offensive. No, the item is not crocs. Kill me if I ever say Gee!!!! I want to buy some CROCS today!!!! Seriously, put me out of my misery.

This battle entails a pair of UGGly ass shoes. Get my gist? I decided since I am off to college in the fall and although I say I will get dressed up every single day for class, you and I both know that is a big fat lie, although I shall try to flaunt my Free People dresses to class as often as genuinely possible. But for the days I want to roll out of bed, a nice pair of UGG moccasins seem like exactly what the the slipper doctor (in this case UGGoligist) ordered. I am a loyal Minnetonka Moccasin kind of girl, but let's face it. If College Park ever gets cold, a girl just needs the warmth of some UGGs when her Hunter Welly socks won't cut it.

So now the difficult decision? PEWTER or BLACK?!?!?!?!


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  1. OMG I am facing the exact same problem!! Which one's did you chose?