Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspired By: My FP "Dress"

First of all, please pardon the quality of this photo. Although it was taken by my best lady friend aka photographer Alex Davis, this picture is what we like to call a mupload: mobile upload; an upload deriving from one's cellular device.

Anyway...I know what you're thinking. Kewl dress, Pretty Bird! And to that I say thank you, but I have fooled you. This dress in which you speak is not in fact a dress, but a skirt and a shirt to be exact. All Free People, might I add. Also: enjoy the face of my best lady friend's sister Victoria, my other lady friend, to my right.

Sorry you all can't see my pretty bird face. But hey, at least there's some breeze. Punny, as always.

Tank: Free People, Skirt: Free People, Sandals: Jeffrey Cambpell, Bandeau: American Apparel


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