Friday, September 14, 2012

Inspired By: Fall

Goooooood afternoon, party people. So like, hi. It's been awhile. And it gets increasing more awkward every time I bring that notion up because then you're (Molly Elisa) all like, "Hey, Pretty Bird, where you at? It's been since June that you blogged last." And to that I say, yes, but I have had a lot on my plate.

Okay, no excuses, just blog posts.

So don't fret, and instead take in all the beauty that is this post because it seeps beauty and briskness from its pores.  I'm talking about the Fall season, of course!

Maryland is often quite humid and hot in the summer. Naturally, one can only sport her Free People cutoff shorts for so long before craving pastel colored skinny jeans.  So, when the weather turned brisk and crisp and everything fall-like, I obviously did a jig, put on my Free People ensemble from head to toe and frolicked on Frat Row. (poet and I didn't even know it, as always.)

Without further adieu, please enjoy two of my fall favorite outfits. I also instagrammed the following photo and entered it in #FPCLOSET competition, so like, Free People, vote for me.
Shirt: Free People, Jeans: Free People, Flats: Sam Edelman

Trying to be artsy; I even made this my profile picture on Facebook. I believe this to be so artsy in fact, that a man friend of mine told me my picture was weird and that I should delete it immediately. Men just don't understand.  Am I right, ladies?
If I could captain this picture, it would say: "Hey! Hi! Look at me twirl and be a pretty girl!"
Ya know, just laughing and being candid and flailing my hair and whatnot.
Shorts: Free People, Boots: Anne Klein, Sweater: Roomate's (Thanks for the sweater, EmDawg)

Perhaps sunglasses would have been a better idea than my spectacles in the sun. Oh well, YOLO. Sorry, I hate when people say YOLO so I used to say it as a joke and then it became a habbit. Sorry not sorry. Ugh, that one too.

Special thanks to Sarah for being my photographer and frolicking alongside me on the Row. Tootles.


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