Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inspired By: Tweed

I look silly. But in my defense, when I repeatedly practiced this pose in the mirror, it looked cool, and made my legs look extra skinny. Unfortunately, I was unable to transfer the coolness from my misleading mirror. As for my legs, I'll deal. I'm a muscular girl, I run track. I say this because being a sprinter is not easy on the legs, especially when I want to wear some tight pants and call it a day.

The moment track begins my legs blow up and that means bye-bye corduroys until June, when my legs have been restored to their skinny goodness. Why June, you ask? Because June is when my 7 million month track season comes to a close. And why corduroys, you also ask? Because when your legs aren't skinny and you wear corduroys the fabric rubs together and squeaks. Yes, I said SQUEAK. And then I'm off to college and I won't be doing track there. But hey, at least I'm living where there's a two story gym. I like me some elyptical workouts. Ok, fine, I love track.

Anywayyyy..yet another pointless track story from me. Sorry. Enjoy the weird position I positioned my body in. And if your looking for the most comfortable pair of black flats, um ever, buy these. They are the shit.

Also important to note: I blow-dried my hair for the first time in 2 years tonight. I tend to go for the all natural look, but tonight I decided to live a little.

Shirt: Mom's closet. Blazer: Vintage. Jeans: BDG. Shoes: Michael Kors

Whippin' out the high wasties again, obvs. Although, I'm beginning to realize they never look high waisted in pictures. Oh well. Take my word for it, they come up to my belly button.

This is my fancy new blazer. I use the words my and new very casually, just so you know. Because the blazer is in fact my mom's, well now it's mine, but this time she gave it to me I didn't have to steal it. My life rocks. And also, this blazer is far from new. It has been in that downstairs closet for ages, I like to call it the vintage closet. This jacket may or may not have come with a matching skirt...ok it did.

The perfect blouse. Unfortunately for my mother, since it does belong to her, I will run away with it to college.


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