Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspired By: Farmer Chic

Here's an entertaining pointless story for all of you. My high school is really big so I of course do not know everyone. So, yesterday I was walking to class and felt myself being tugged in the opposite direction. "Who the hell is grabbing me?" I asked myself. More like what is grabbing me. I turned around to find that my sweater was stuck to a stranger's backpack.

Well this is just swell. How do I get myself out of this. Don't cry, Amanda. Whatever you do, do not cry. (I'm a crier). I developed the courage to speak to this stranger and I said, "Excuse me sir, excuse me." He turned around and was not amused. "What?" He asked. "I'm stuck on you!" He still had no idea what was going on. So instead of bother this poor innocent stranger I decided to tug at my poor Michael Kors holey sweater. No worries, we are both still in tact. We were then able to part and go our separate ways (the boy and me, not my sweater and me because then i would have been topless, duh...)

I still don't think that boy even knows what went on, and I still don't know his name. Pity, we could have had something special and then had a wonderful story to tell the grandkids about how we met.

This is mostly where the "farmer" from farmer chic comes into play. But, this farmer top is special because there is a ruffled collar. I love me some ruffle, you should know that by now. You know what's better than ruffles? Ruffles on sale at Urban for $10. Yup, I scored this Urban Renewal plaid shirt for $10 on sale. Score for me. And my mom, if she should ever chose to borrow anything from my closet.

I know what you are all asking yourselves right now..."That bow is just so cute, Amanda, it can't be yours, so who's is it?" Well, silly readers, I've borrowed this one from myself 10 years ago. Yup, something I'm wearing is actually mine, crazy. My entire outfit today is mine. I know, you're speechless.

Molly Horowitz, I just love you.


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