Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inspired By: Apples and iPhones

I finally did it! Finally did what, Pretty Bird? Is probably what you're asking yourself at this very moment.  And to that I respond with, I finally got myself an iPhone 5. It was about time. I mean, a girl could only endure a water damaged phone for so long, ya feel me?

Now I'm really overwhelmed with my cover options. Like, I thought I wouldn't have to deal with this ever again after finding the most wonderfully texturally pleasing Belkin case to ever live.  But now, to my dismay, the case comes in many more colors. So that's where I'm stuck. Purple with turquoise again? Perhaps purple on purple? Eek.

Now Mandy is ready for work with her iPhone 5. Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.

Sidenote: I really wish iPhones could go caseless. Tell me that shit isn't sleek. Am I right, apple lovers?

Sorry for repeating these shorts. I swore I wouldn't repeat an outfit all summer.
Shirt: Vintage Havana, Shorts: Free People, Shoes: Steve Madden

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