Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Inspired By: Biker Chic (Kinda)

Today is like really fucking hot out. Someone please hook me up with some 100 SPF sunscreen ASAP. I'm melting and crying and burning to a pale crisp.  That's the problem with being pale: you don't tan, you just burn.  Sometimes I appear tan, but that's only because my freckles begin to attach. It's all a mirage.

So, this next statement might be really sad for you. Today is the second to last #Mandyreadyforwork post. All good things come to an end, remember? But, Mandy will live on forever.  She's still always ready, now it's just to twerk (cue Facebook pro pic). Kidding, I don't twerk.  I mean, I've tried, but ya.

Anyway, since everything I'm saying is irrelevant, makes no sense and is weird, probably because I'm suffering from heat stroke...

This outfit below is totally biker chic, kinda. I'm not actually wearing leather or combat boots or anything edgy, but it's my take on it.  Cue kickass leather booties and a jean jacket.

Wish me luck with my abroad appointments today! Hashtag help me.

Shirt: Skin, Skirt: Free People, Jean Jacket: GAP, Booties: Dolce Vita


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