Monday, September 9, 2013

Inspired By: Body Con Stripes

Today marks the second installment of The 8 a.m. Chronicles, aka #8amchronicles. We're really off to a promising start, I mean, double digit insta-likes.

Stay tuned every Monday and Wednesday for my sad face and coffee in hand.

On another note: check out my body con striped sailor dress! Basically on this day I was feeling pretty on top of my game. I only had three days left to my internship, and I really decided it would make most sense to go out with an outfit bang. Hence the maxi body con, duh. I also had it in me to wear heels.

Picture this: Mandy strutting through the city with cool new blue mirror aviator sunglasses and this outfit. Cool, right? Yeah, strutting is where I ran into a problem. Strutting led to tripping, and tripping led to Mandy looking like a dumbass and ruining the cool, chic mirage that was so apparent.

On anotherrrrrr note: Wrecking Ball is an amazeballs song, so you go again, Miley Bird.  HOWEVER, I'm seriously concerned for your wellbeing. PLEASE stop being naked. Like, yes, your bod is bangin and we're all jealous, like I'd do anything for your abs, even give up pretzels. But why are you having sex with a wrecking ball and licking things? Guess you can't stop, won't stop.

Dress: Free People, Shoes: Kork-Ease


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