Saturday, August 10, 2013

Inspired By: Mixing Prints

At school, one of my best friends and I have a joke about mixing prints. One time I tried to combine two prints that I could barely even get away with for a WTF themed social.  From there, we went on to encourage all others to mix prints all day every day. If "what should I wear tonight?" was the question, "I don't know but you betta be mixing prints," was always the answer.

On this day, I did just that. A little checkerboard chick, a little floral chick. And, voile! There you have it, mixing prints and shit like it's 1969. I'm not sure what I even meant by, I guess, YOLO.

Hey Emily, are you mixing prints today?

Shirt: J Crew, Shorts: Free People

PS - shoutout to mah intern friend Lauren for winning a free pair of Sam Edelman's. Like, huh? Told you that Insta was a winner.


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