Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inspired By: The Tuck

Ever think about the word tuck? It's just a word I love. I love to tuck in my shirts, effortlessly, well seemingly effortlessly to you, or with much effort.  And by effortlessly I mean the "half in half out" tuck, as pictured below. I also love to tuck my little hips- at the Bar Method, of course! Jeez, you people are so scandalous.

Below is my signature tuck. I always find myself tucking in my shirts, I think it's real trendy.  But sometimes the full tuck is just too much, ya know? Sometimes the little stretch of the pants and toss the shirt in tuck is all you need.

My other favorite tuck? The "tuck your hips to the right, to the left, right left tuck tuck." Fuck, I love Bar Method too much.

Shirt: Barneys New York, Shorts: J Crew, Shoes: Steve Madden

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