Monday, September 2, 2013

Inspired By: Romper Part II

HAAAAAY there. I feel like I'm always apologizing for being absent, but, like, you can't complain since I've been more present than ever on my blog this summer.  Just getting situated into school and shit, yano?

I return with more romper wisdom and some wine in my cup.  Blush wine to be exact.  Anyway, I'm back, bitches.

This romper is like super cool because it fools everyone. Like, don't you think I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath my tank romper? First of all, ew, why would I do that? But secondly, fooled ya! 

Sidenote on the brogues: some lady stopped me to ask me what designer my oxfords were, as in she thought they were some fancy Christian Louboutin shoes. The look of awe on her face when I informed her I bought them at Urban Outfitters was quite satisfying. Bargain hunting faaa lyfe!

So, I'm back at school, my favorite place in the world, but classes start tomorrow. Wakeup call at 8:30, wanna join me for a cup of coffee from my keurig? If so, hmu.

Romper: I don't know because the tag is in illegible cursive handwriting, Shoes: Urban Outfitters


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